Leave the renewable energy maintenance to the experts

India’s largest third-party O&M solutions provider with deep industry connections in the EPC & IPP segment.

Comprehensive O&M services for solar

As part of the Gensol Group (Solar EPC) our team has deep industry expertise when it comes to the operation and maintenance of PV solar assets.
Regular panel cleaning and maintenance
In-depth performance monitoring and analysis
String and inverter testing and maintenance
Diagnosing and addressing shading and efficiency issues
Rapid-response troubleshooting and repairs
Completely Autonomous & Remotely Managed
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Boost turbine dependability with end-to end asset management

Our expertise in renewable energy O&M even extends to wind energy projects ensuring turbines are running at peak efficiency and maximizing power generation
Preventive maintenance and scheduled inspections
Remote real-time monitoring and performance optimization
Blade inspections using advanced aerial technologies
Diagnosing and addressing shading and efficiency issues
Rapid-response troubleshooting and repairs
Completely Autonomous & Remotely Managed
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Maintain OEM standards of your green hydrogen plant with our end-to-end services

We ensure your facilities operate at peak efficiency and reliability, contributing to a sustainable and hydrogen-powered future.
Regular monitoring and maintenance

Efficient electrolyzer maintenance

Hydrogen purification and compression

Hydrogen storage system maintenance

Smart monitoring and data analytics
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Superior monitoring and analysis to ensure your energy storage systems are running optimally

With our expertise in energy storage technology, we are committed to ensuring that your BESS operates optimally, contributes to grid stability, and maximizes the benefits of renewable energy making us your partner of choice in efficient and reliable BESS O&M
24x7 monitoring and performance optimization
Battery health management
Grid integration and stability
Performance analytics and forecasting
Skilled technical team to address concerns
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Leverage advanced technologies and activate your assets with Param


24X7 Remote monitoring and reporting of plants

State-of-the-art CMMS app (web & mobile)

Robotic Cleaning

Big team with in-house robotic cleaning expertise

State-of-the-art CMMS app (web & mobile)

Drone Thermography

Partnerships with major drone companies to diagnose PV module health and loss areas

State-of-the-art CMMS app (web & mobile)

Choose from multiple engagement models that suit your need

Service Only

Provision of technical manpower (Engineers and/or Technician level) as per the requirement of the Client.
Corrective/Preventive Maintenance
Consumable support

Comprehensive O&M

Corrective/Preventive Maintenance
Unscheduled Maintenance
Cleaning, Grass cutting, Seasonal tilt, Torquing (for Wind Turbines)
Consumable and Spare support
OP and HV/EHV maintenance
Value added services (e.g. thermography, IV curve testing etc.)
Monitoring and Reporting
MBD Insurance

Tech-Enabled Asset Management

24X7 Remote monitoring of plants and reporting
KPI tracking & reporting
Performance analysis
SLA management with OEM/ contractors